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The website has been under development since late 2015 and we now believe that it provides a reasonably accurate picture of the company activities and development from 1900 to 1988. The ‘Re-Newall’ page was added in 2021, but details are still a bit thin and we would welcome any additional information you can provide.   Similarly, we would welcome some help with the Offshoot Companies page that was added in 2023.  (contact:

During September 2017, the ‘Keighley Grinders’ page was added, and a ‘Photo Gallery’ page created. As with all pages, these are updated as new material becomes available.  An ‘Addendum’ page has been added, to explain how the Newall name continued in use into the 21st century.

Important Note.  Please be aware that we are unable to provide Service Manuals, Operating Instructions, Assembly Drawings or Electrical/Hydraulic/Pneumatic Schematics for any of the machines and instruments manufactured by the Newall Group; we simply do not have access to them.  We are unable to help with the repair, refurbishment or operation of any of the products.  All the data that we hold is available for free download from the “References” pages that can be found within the relevant sections on the Companies/Divisions tab.

This website has been created by two ex-employees of Newall Engineering, whose primary objectives were to document the history of the Newall group of companies and to provide a forum for the recording of memories of past employees of the group. Most of the ex-employees we have spoken to expressed fond memories of their time with the company.

Historic information about the Newall group of companies has been compiled from old documents, and other ‘on-line’ sources in the public domain. The information on this website should not be relied upon as being factual, though we will always try to ensure that any errors are corrected, or removed.

The banner picture at the top of each page is a compilation of various machine produced by the company – from the left, a type HAC Crankpin Grinding Machine, a 2030 Jig Boring Machine, a type MAC Multi-Wheel Grinding Machine, and an OMT Rotary Inclinable Table with 2-axis Newall Electronics Readout. In this picture, the machines are not to scale!

If you have any interesting memories/stories about the company(s), or its employees, we look forward to hearing from you.

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