Newall Engineering Companies/Divisions

This page last updated October 2022

Following its move to Peterborough in 1935, the Newall Engineering Company experienced 30 to 40 of years of expansion and development, during which time, a number of new divisions and companies evolved, or were acquired by the company. For more information on Newall Engineering, and its other divisions/companies, click on the links below:

Following the acquisition of Newall by B Elliott, a number of other companies within the Elliott group were also associated with the Newall brand. In some cases, these companies’ products were manufactured by Newall, and in that case, the products have been described in the Newall Engineering products pages (for example, Churchill roll grinders and Snow creep feed grinders). However, this website does not attempt to provide any further detail for those companies (Churchill Machine Tools, Snow Grinders, Elliott Machine Tools Peterborough, Butler Machine Tools) as they did not form part of the Newall Group.

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