OMT References

Note!  Some of the items available here are quite large and may take a while to download over a slow internet connection.  In these cases, approximate file sizes are shown as a guide.

MACHINERY – Building Precision into OMT Optical Rotary Tables (5MB)

(Reproduced by kind permission of Machinery, published by Findlay Media, a Mark Allen Group company –

Angular Microscope Leaflet

System “E” brochure

WP100 Projector brochure (2MB)

Inspection Equipment 1957 catalogue (6MB)

Inspection Equipment 1963 catalogue (6MB)

Indexing Tables catalogue 1971 (7MB)

Optical Elements catalogue (2MB)

B. Elliott/OMT brochure

OMT Recruitment advertisement

OMT/Windley Brothers letter

Dividing Heads and Rotary Tables  [[ Kindly supplied by Todd Warriner of Lambertville, MI USA.  Note the George Scherr logo alongside the Newall logo on one of the OMT catalogue covers: we have already noted that George Scherr became OMT agents – here is the proof! ]]

Reading Mercury article – “Where absolute accuracy is paramount” (2MB)

“Just a Second” promotional film – transcript part 1 (3MB)

“Just a Second” promotional film – transcript part 2 (8MB)

1956 US Patent Application

Letter from Ministry of Supply 1948

Letter from George Scherr 1956

Link to Dave Caroline’s Vertical Omtimeter photos

Newall measuring machine – NPL specification of accuracy

Industry Week 30th January 1970 – article 1

Industry Week 30th January 1970 – article 2

Maidenhead Advertiser – Announcement of Factory Closure

Helston Factory Organisation Chart 1969

The following items are concerned with the post-Newall era, but are included for interest.

Airmatic company profile

Eimeldingen UK company profile

Link to Rotary Precision Instruments UK – the final owners of OMT

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